Not ready to say goodbye….

My thoughts on leaving Honduras and saying goodbye to my kids….

“Except I am the woman with the issue of doubt. I am the woman with the issue of sin, with the issue of flesh, with the issue of forgetfulness. I am a woman who wants to snap my arms shut and protect, fold my arms tight around this chest to guard my heart that is still so raw and exposed from being broken. I want to gather these children to myself and shelter them from the ugly hurt of this world.

I so desperatley do wish I could protect my kids from pain, from hurt and be here always to protect them, to teach them and to be certain they grow up to become people of integrity… Suppose it is a bit like a parent watching your children move away or move away to school. You wish you could hold on to them forever… seems safer that way. Yet we must let go. 

I am certain it may very well be the hardest thing I have ever had to do….

Happy rainy monday afternoon from Honduras….


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