Anyone have any Ruby Red Slippers for Sale?

Today is one of those days that I wish I had magic slippers like Dorothy. (may need a few pairs for my roommates and I ) Would give just about anything to tap my shoes and be out of here. So close to being finished yet not close enough to be nostalgic about it….

My voice is nearly gone from screaming at my kids, it was so bad I have a headache…. today was not their best day, nor has it been mine.

Seems as though my former reality is coming back and coming back full force… Official moving back into my old house in Denver, Flight booked for End of August Labor Day weekend to Louisville, Vail weekend with friends in August, Talks of Running the Rock N Roll Mini Marathon in October …… so many things to anticipate and so so so so so many unknowns…

For now going to turn the page on this day and hope tomorrow is much better……

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