Were the three best friends…..Tela, Honduras

“The beach, where doing absolutely nothing is doing something”
Friday after taking a quick photo with one of my very favorite girls Jency, (lives with Alison at the Eternal Family Project) Matt, Kylie and I were beach bound for the weekend…. We hired a taxi to drop us off in the town of El Progresso. After buying a necessary chunky chocolate chip cookie (for me) at Dunkin Donuts and Ice-cream for Kylie at Baskin Robins we stood on the side of the road attempting to flag down a bus to take us further on down the highway an hour and half to Tela. Tela is a beach town that sits right on the Caribbean  We have been to this place twice last fall and could not wait to get there……
We got a bus and the next thing you know we were already on the beach, wine and beer in hand watching the sunset. The sunset did not disappoint either……Leaving school at 2 pm and seeing the sunset by 5:30 pm… not bad if you ask me. We stayed at the Caribbean Coral Inn, a Bed in Breakfast right on the water. As a guest you are staying in cabins on the beach that are apart of the families home as well. All food is cooked by the wife and she makes everything fresh ready to order. So good… 
Our weekend top moments:
  • Dinner served fresh made to order….. and the very best garlicky sauce for salad with garlic bread.
  • Saturday Morning the three of us did yoga by the sea, followed by being in the ocean all afternoon with nothing to do. 
  • Eating Pizza in Tela at the beach Saturday Night. Stuffed crust and breadsticks… it has been far too long pizza, far too long……
  • Saturday night getting in bed before 8:30 pm. All three of us. Full, sunburnt and happy. Headlamps were on and we were reading our books. 
  • Sunday morning breakfast, followed by more yoga on a deck barely big enough for the three of us. Which then led to more swimming in the ocean….
  • Sunday on our way home we stopped in San Pedro bus station stocking up on things we have not been able to buy in a quite some time, chips, whole wheat pasta for matt, grapes, granola bars, chocolate…..
  • Should not forget when Matt saved the day by grabbing the wheel to avoid hitting a bunch of rocks that were blocking construction being done….. while our taxi driver was elsewhere…..
Here are some pictures…. Enjoy
Smiling because it is Friday
Picture taken out of the bus, no filter, bluest sky and greenest landscape.
Morning… Before our yoga session.
So sunny and so beautiful
Being goofy….

This is a small collection of nearly 20 or so pictures I have of us three that night on the beach… 

Kylie and I acting natural

Matts thoughts on being at the beach

As you can tell we nearly had the entire beach to ourselves the whole weekend with the exception of a few locals in the afternoon.

Acting natural again.
Now I am back at school, just six weeks to go and Honduras is finished… for this chapter at least. It was a great weekend, much needed R and R with my two favorite born and raised Ohioans (Buckeyes/irish)

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